OR36 the Recorder / Multi-Analyzers


>Portable (5 kgs/11 lbs/ A4+)
>4 to 16 universal inputs
>1 to 4 computation DSPs
>Modular, rugged and portable package
> Additional Features
2 to 6 trigger/tachometer inputs
2 to 6 independent generator outputs
+/-40 V on all inputs range
Removable Mobi-Disk
Stand alone recorder (D-rec capable)
Internal battery
Signal conditioner expander module (Xpod) compatible
CAN bus interface



软件功能(点击各项查看) 仪器附件 培训与服务
振动分析(FFT) 外部电源 仪器说明书翻译
模态分析(FRF、Model analysis) 点烟器 现场使用指导
声学分析(1/n倍频程分析) 移动硬盘(60GB) 振动分析师培训
旋转机械阶次分析(同步阶次跟踪、常带宽跟踪) 稳态信号输入模块 校准、现场测试


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